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Braces & Invisalign

Your options are limitless at Alkassab Dental Surgery

Orthodontics in Point Cook Melbourne

What can Alkassab Dental Surgery offer that other dental practices can’t?

We offer complete care. We include and provide everything you need to achieve your perfect smile under one roof.

This includes:

  • Monitoring children from a young age to ensure they don’t develop crooked teeth or bad habits that can impact their smile, speech or general appearance.
  • Habit breaking appliances
  • Myofacial appliances to prevent the need for braces!
  • Braces or Invisalign for all
  • Surgical exposure of impacted teeth
  • 2D OPG and Lateral Cephalometric radiograph
  • 3D Cone beam CT (CBCT) 

Braces & Invisalign in Point Cook

We treat all kinds of patients and there is definitely no age limit.

Modern dentistry has allowed us to treat many of our patients who are grandparents!

The road to straight teeth is an exciting one, but it needs constant care by an experienced dentist.

Here is a couple main problems patients face during orthodontic treatment and how we can prevent it.

  •  Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of your gums. It is quite common during the course of orthodontic treatment, especially braces. Thankfully, our dentist will be able to treat your gums whenever necessary at your usual visit for your orthodontic treatment.

  • Tooth decay

Our dentist will constantly monitor your teeth every visit to ensure you don’t have any holes!

We know oral hygiene is extra important during braces or Invisalign treatment. That is why we provide you with an oral hygiene pack to help you. We also routinely administer fluoride to minimize the risk of tooth decay.

If you still develop a hole or tooth decay, it is not a problem! It can be easy to repair at your usual orthodontic treatment visits.

For the kids!

We understand as a parent you want to make sure you’re child is growing up healthy.

The way their teeth and jaws develop impacts their speech, smile and general appearance. This is why it is important to bring your child in for routine dental check ups. We can ensure they don’t develop or stop bad habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrust. We may also be able to prevent braces all together!

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