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Oral Surgery in Point Cook Melbourne

Oral Surgeries is what we excel at. 

Dr Sahar Alkassab has a passion for oral surgeries. Her years of experience coupled with her gentle approach is why patients come to us for all types of oral surgeries.

This includes:

  • Simple non-surgical extractions
  • Impacted Wisdom teeth
  • Surgical exposure of impacted teeth
  • Oral biopsy

We are dedicated to providing a full complete service in house. 

Our Dental Surgery is equipped with cutting edge technology to provide you with comfort and a peace of mind.

Our FAQs below will help you understand why patients choose us.

Wisdom teeth and why they can cause problems

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, usually start to cause trouble in late teens, twenties or even older. Not everyone has wisdom teeth (We envy those people!). 

Some wisdom teeth remain buried beneath your gums and cause no problems at all. However, most people have no space for wisdom teeth to come through. They can be hard to reach and can make keeping them clean a challenge. As a result, they can decay or even damage the adjacent tooth.  Impacted teeth can cause severe pain and cause an array of problems. This includes:

  • Pain
  • Infections
  • Crowding
  • Cyst
  • Damage to nearby molars
  • Ulcers
  • Food entrapment

We can help you figure out whether or not your wisdom teeth will cause any problems, or if you even have any wisdom teeth.

If you need to remove your wisdom tooth or are looking for relief from the pain of wisdom teeth, we can definitely help!

Call our friendly staff to book a consultation with our experienced dentist.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very anxious, what can you do to help me?

We understand that going to the dentist is not fun for everyone, but at Alkassab Dental Surgery, it can be!

Dr Alkassab is known to be gentle, her unique approach has helped many anxious patients conquer their fear of going to the dentist.

All our dental chairs are equipped with full HD TVs on the ceiling, so you can sit back and watch your favorite Netflix show while we do our work.

We also offer Nitrous Oxide sedation (Happy Gas) for any patient who wants to feel much more relaxed.

How do I know if I need a surgical extraction?

We use our dentist’s years of experience and latest cutting edge technology, such as 3D x-rays, to determine what is right for you.

Do you remove impacted wisdom teeth?

Yes we do it all! We have successfully removed every impacted wisdom tooth that has visited Alkassab Dental Surgery.

Why do I need a 3D x-ray? Is it safe?

We do not routinely use a 3D x-ray (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) for every patient, unless it is necessary. The radiation from our in house CBCT scanner is much less than traditional CT x-rays! For many cases it can be quite helpful. All necessary information is available to us after a quick 15 second scan. This includes, how close the tooth is to the nerve, if the roots are curved or straight, how is the tooth impacting your jaw or surrounding teeth.

Do you perform regular extractions or other types of extractions?

Yes we perform all types of extractions including:

  • Simple extractions
  • Broken teeth
  • Teeth that have had previous root canal treatments
  • Retained baby teeth

My tooth is broken and it has a big hole, only a little is left, it should be easy to remove right?

Broken teeth, especially with a big cavity or teeth with previous root canal therapy, are one of the most challenging types of extractions. These teeth are brittle and need extreme gentle care to remove. The hard part is not removing the crown (the top part of the tooth which you see above your gums), but with removing all roots. While it is challenging, our highly skilled dentist has years of experience to help her succeed in every extraction case she faces.

What is an Oral Biopsy? Do you check for oral cancers?

Oral cancers can be hidden, especially oral squamous carcinoma. People who drink alcohol or smoke at an increasingly higher risk of developing an oral cancer. However, even healthy and fit patients are at risk.

Oral cancers can be painless and subtle. Here’s a few symptoms to look out for:

  • An ulcer that will not heal
  • Red or white patches in your mouth
  • Unexplained numbness

If you see something unusual, don’t panic. Come in for a check up and we will have a look. Not all ulcers or red/white patches are cancerous.

Our routine dental check ups include oral cancer screening. If we notice anything suspicious, we will take the right steps to ensure you are safe. This is why it is crucial to visit your dentist for a routine check up every 6 months.

Do you offer Happy gas (Nitrous Oxide)?

Yes, we do. Nitrous oxide is an effective and safe method that will help you relax and feel more comfortable during your procedure.

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